About OArts.it

OArts.it is a photographic project born in 2018.

We have start our work with a simple blog for help beginners photographers.

In the next years we have decided to show our skills to all world using the NFT.

For this, we started drawing and not just photographing.

Racism - OArts NFT
“#NOracism” on MyBae.

Telling our NFTs

Every NFT tells a personal story.


Monster tells about the nightmares when go to sleep.

“Are you sure you can do it?”

“Yes, i’m sure, but i’m scared.”

From this, we have choose the name and the description of this NFT.

Monster #2 - OArts NFT
“Monster #2” on MyBae.


Surprised - OArts NFT

Surprised is a tribute for Roy Lichtenstein  and the Pop Art.

This NFT want to tell our love for the Popular Art and the idea of this artistic movement.

The Pop Art is created for the mass.

“Surprised” on MyBae.

Social Killer

Social Killer: “The social media can defeat you…Enjoy your life!”

Who has never been attacked on social media from stupid people?

With “Social Killer” we want to tell our episodes.

The people are stupid and very intelligent…Make love, not war!

Social Killer - OArts NFT
“Social Killer” on MyBae.


Rarible OArts NFT
OpenSea OArts NFT